The impact of social selling and employee advocacy throughout 2020

The impact of social selling and employee advocacy

To avoid calling this a ‘highlights’ blog – following the year everyone has had – we wanted to shout about our amazing contributors and clients and make it more of an ‘impact’ round-up approach instead!

That’s because employee advocacy and social selling – two things we live and breathe here at SoAmpli HQ – have played a pivotal role in keeping brands connected with customers, and workforces motivated. On that note, here’s the full rundown following 12 months to remember…


We kicked-off the year launching our new ‘SoAmpli Meets’ interview with key social media managers, content creators and digital marketing gurus.

Handpicking five key contributors, we started with a bang from SEO consultant Amy Wright to learn even more about how copy plays an integral role in positioning employees as thought leaders.


Next up, British Heart Foundation (BHF) provided critical insight into its fundraising efforts via social media. Speaking to Athar Abidi, BHF’s head of social media about using SoAmpli, a particular highlight was achieving 14,8000 shares, reaching an audience of 23 million and earning 80,000-plus click-throughs.


Following the UK lockdown, we spoke to many brands that were concerned about their employees, health, and business as a whole. Following the mass move to working from home, there was an even greater need for being present online.

Helping Covid-19-stricken organisations, we offered our platform for free so leaders could not only continue to motivate their teams remotely but also continue to speak to customers.


Rolling out the first of our client Q&As, Carol McGrotty, head of operations and compliance at Vapour Cloud, told us how having an online voice helps them to connect with an audience in an  authentic, straight-talking way. Throughout the year, we also spoke to UNTHA, ESPHR and CDS.


With almost everyone discussing about the importance of content, some businesses were understandably not knowing where to start. That’s why our PR manager, Hayley Paterson, penned a guest blog to take customers through a simple four-step process towards producing a killer content strategy. If you missed it, here’s the insight.


Throughout the summer we had the pleasure of speaking to Jess Valenghi, team and client manager at Pick & Mix Marketing.

As part of the ‘SoAmpli Meets’ series, she told us why social selling was key to generating sales leads – in particular via targeted ad campaigns – and how they used their online networks to empower employees.


Keeping the guest thought leadership going, the brilliantly creative Nick Entwistle, founder of One Minute Briefs, provided his thoughts on the power of strong digital comms.

With his company’s mantra of ‘One Rule. One Minute. Create an Ad’ he knows first-hand how to best utilise social media as a brand. If you get chance, check out some of the innovative submissions on his channels – you won’t be disappointed!


Managing the online content for a £43 million technology solutions and services provider is no mean feat, but Rae Evans takes this on every day in her senior marketing and sales capacity for Solutionize Global. Employees are critical to building the company’s online voice too – learn more here.


It was soon becoming clear how vital ecommerce was proving to be for many customers – and retailers were quickly jump on that demand, especially those unable to open their physical stores.

Utilising social selling, we wrote a piece about how B2B brands including Snapchat and Shopify were targeting their audience via innovative digital solutions – from product tag-inspired Instagram Stories to seamless one-click buying options.


With gamification continuing to rise, we launched a high-level piece of content to provide customers with the insight into how tapping into these features can in fact motivate employees. Our free downloadable guide provides all the detail.


Always keen to gather expertise from thought leaders in our industry, Phoebe Dixon, senior social media manager for award-winning digital marketing agency twentysix, discussed how inclusive brands actually were with their online content. Excessive emojis, custom fonts and caption-less visuals are all epic fails for accessibility – and here’s why.


Rounding up the year, we predicted the importance of Employee Advocacy in 2021, and our commercial director, Nick Washbourne, has continued the theme when speaking to national business publication UMi about how staff can be the secret to your recruitment success.

Thank you to everyone who has connected with us on social media, engaged with our online updates, got involved with Q&As and continued to empower their workforces. We wish you many happy returns and here’s to a wonderful new year!

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