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It’s a bit derailing for marketers as many organisations reassess their marketing spend during these uncertain times, in order to lessen the pressure on bottom line. We completely understand (believe us!) That’s why we want to try and stick to ‘business as usual’ as much as humanly possible during such critical moments. As such, we’ll

Four reasons why charity marketers need a strong social media presence

There’s never been a greater time to be thinking about the impacts the current climate is having on everyone. And as organisations and individuals across the globe continue to try and make everything ‘business as usual’, there is a huge amount of pressure on charities that desperately need help to weather the Coronavirus outbreak. According

SoAmpli Meets… Amy Wright, content marketer and SEO consultant

We’re always on the hunt for experts in the world of social media as we continue to evolve our communication methods in a digital-first era. So, we wanted to gather even more insight for our blog – and that’s why we got into a conversation with Amy Wright, a fantastic advocate for achieving commercially savvy