Why ecommerce brands are switching their focus to social selling

From Snapchat to Shopify – the world of online shopping has reached unbelievable heights as digital noise continues in its meteoric rise during COVID-19.

With approximately 3.6 billion social media users – and 75% of consumers relying on their online platforms to help decide what they buy – it’s perhaps the right time to question why every ecommerce organisation hasn’t been tapping into the powers of social selling before now?

We’ve previously explained how 78% of social sellers are outperforming their peers – and 31% of B2B professionals believe they’re building deeper relationships as a result. So, it’s clear to see why brands, including Snapchat and Shopify, are utilising online tools to convert during a turbulent time for retail.

What is social selling?

There is vast online noise to compete with, but this technique is a must-have in the marketing toolkit. To understand what it’s about, it’s important to stress that social selling shouldn’t be put into the same box as social media marketing or advertising.

Instead, it’s worthy of its own space because – when done right – it brings marketing and sales departments together to build long-lasting online relationships through strategic and effective digital content. For us, it’s a tool to encourage organisations to provide meaningful social media interactions that let customers know they can come to them for anything.

This trust is perhaps why the brands mentioned in our introduction are now driving forward their social selling strategy, because loyalty has often been scarce during the current climate. And, let’s face it, there’s no question that ecommerce has experienced a rollercoaster ride throughout 2020.

For high street outlets, effective online marketing and sales techniques have helped to improve the customer experience too – especially when consumers were unable to venture into shops during lockdown. Providing such self-service options not only encourages swift purchases, but makes people feel like they’re firmly in control of their buying behaviours (without having to endure the ‘hard sell’).

The social selling that works online

Visual content is extremely popular within the ecommerce industry. Not only can a beautifully crafted image instantly grab a shoppers’ attention, it’s also a way of further enhancing the online experience and building deeper relationships.

Product tags are being used even more – especially via Instagram (Stories in particular) and Facebook. Enterprises are using their social platforms to tag items in their posts, linking them to the relevant purchasing page, all in one click. Such a seamless approach continues to develop trust and loyalty.

Additionally, ecommerce outlets successfully utilising social selling techniques are agile enough to diversify their content. Whether that means reacting to timely events – such as releasing the brand’s version of an Oscar-winning ensemble – or simply being mindful of the language they should be using at that moment in time. They’re using their online networks to engage and inspire customers rather than upset and isolate them.

For all ecommerce sites, social media should equip them with a strong platform to tell a relatable story. Getting this bit right is by no means an overnight success though, but if organisations are willing to analyse their updates, improve their social selling methods and effectively interact with customers throughout, they will soon get a feel for what’s working – and what isn’t. Our record blog around ‘metrics that matter’ from can help.

Being present, responsive and engaging should go a long way to creating a better online retail experience. And don’t forget, 74% of consumers trust the opinions of someone they follow online, so now might be the perfect time to empower employee advocates to deliver the marketing messages that convert.

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