Case study: British Heart Foundation

Here’s how a charity transformed its social media activity to empower customers and staff…

The British Heart Foundation funds over £100 million of research each year into heart and circulatory diseases – and the things that cause them.

Gleaning such vital, and often life-saving, information enables the organisation to promise future preventions, treatments and cures. As heart and circulatory diseases kill one in four people in the UK, the work the charity does is urgent.

About the British Heart Foundation

  • One of the UK’s largest retailers – with almost 800 stores nationwide
  • Trains thousands of people each year to perform CPR
  • Soon to launch the first National Defibrillator Network
  • Proud organisers of Europe’s largest charity bike ride (the annual London to Brighton bike ride)

The Challenge

Having access to an amazing ‘army’ of brand advocates, the British Heart Foundation wanted to utilise their network effectively, in order to challenge perceptions. There was an immediate need to help the public understand that it’s a research funding charity and not, as many people may think, a government body encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

However, some of the charity’s volunteers and staff members didn’t feel confident enough in talking about the science behind its critical research – and that’s where SoAmpli came in.

The Solution

Utilising the platform to help get the organisation’s in-house comms team’s messages across to the right audience, the British Heart Foundation brand is now able to publish its latest news and happenings directly onto SoAmpli. Additionally, the charity has been able to create a bank of content for users – especially its senior leadership team – to read and share online.

As a result, the brand has experienced excellent link clicks results. For example, two news stories that were tweeted from the British Cardiovascular Society’s annual conference – on the foundation’s main account – achieved 29 link clicks from a potential reach of 650,000 people. The same two posts were shared 12 times by users via the SoAmpli platform, gaining 111 click-throughs from an estimated 7,600 reach.

Recent statistics dissected from the British Heart Foundation’s activity via SoAmpli – and that are increasing by the day – includes 14,800 shares, a 23 million potential reach and 80,000 click-throughs earned.

The team continues to roll out an effective Employee Advocacy programme that supercharges a greater level of shares on social media, and a deeper connection with its audience.

Athar Abidi, head of social media at the British Heart Foundation, commented: “SoAmpli has really helped us to unleash the potential of our staff as advocates at a time when the algorithms were starting to work against our broadcast tactics.

“The gamification aspect has also empowered and engaged senior leaders to be involved with the platform and it’s become a key part of our social strategy.”

Athar added: “I have relished working with SoAmpli for almost seven years across two charities and seeing the product develop – and improve – over time.”

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