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What makes a brand ‘human’?

Let’s face it, it’s not too unusual to run into corporate communications that feel impersonal and distant from a customer’s point of view. So, it’s no coincidence that agencies use the word ‘humanising’ over and over again when providing advice on brand messaging. Putting aside any possible scepticism towards the seemingly volatile concept, humanising customer

The Ultimate What, Why and How of Social Selling

With so many people talking about social selling and its “powers”, there is also a lot of (often uninformed) noise to cut through. Large conversations usually carry the risk of huge misunderstandings, a little like Chinese whispers. The more people get in contact with soundbites about social selling, the less clear it becomes what this

SoAmpli Advisor Spotlight: Jaunt VR International’s General Manager Dominic Collins

For the second interview of our Advisor Spotlight series, we’ve sat down with digital marketing leader Dominic Collins. Dom has spent his career driving the digital transformation of huge companies like Sky, Autotrader, Orange and EE, where he has undertaken multiple senior positions with great creativity and commercial success. Since 2015, he’s been immersed in