SoAmpli is now available for free during COVID-19

Our social selling platform that empowers employees to share valuable content online is being offered for free to new customers that have had their businesses hit by the Coronavirus pandemic.

As enterprises battle the latest wave of uncertainty – which includes a three-week UK government lockdown – SoAmpli wants to help as many organisations as possible as they navigate unchartered waters.

Allowing companies to plug in our platform for three months free of charge, we want to enable leaders to build brand awareness, motivate remote-working teams to become ‘employee advocates’, and maintain a consistently high online presence by empowering staff to share timely, relevant content via their social media networks.

Nick Washbourne, commercial director for SoAmpli, said: “Every single sector has been hit by the global pandemic and companies need help to be able to keep going during terrible times across their industries.

“It’s almost inevitable that people’s roles within businesses will change in these challenging times. The general feeling right now is that most employers want to avoid making drastic measures to reduce the size of their workforces too – a key priority will be making sure their employees can deliver the same performance levels whilst they work from home.

“It’s a time when employees need to pull together the most too as they work in isolation – it might be a complete change for many people as they adapt to a new way of doing their jobs, so they need additional support and motivation.”

Commenting on our free offer, he added: “We want to help staff and organisations, and make their days a little bit easier by ensuring that they remain present online for their customers and prospects.

“Empowering employees to share positive company messages via their personal social media networks can help their firms to generate eight-times the level of engagement that a company post would typically achieve – that could be critical for many enterprises as they fight to survive.”

SoAmpli’s functions include a ‘leaderboard’ system which promotes healthy competition for teams by ranking their online posts – providing insight into how many clicks, shares and engagement they have each achieved. Our social selling company was acquired by Leeds-based marketing automation platform Force24 in January 2019.

To enquire about the offer, please contact: or call: 0845 2725990 to book a demo.

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