Updating your LinkedIn status? Try these 5 tips

With 740 million members spanning over 200 countries worldwide, it’s easy to see why brands and employees want to leverage their voice via the free social media platform, LinkedIn.

But when you’re stumped for something to say or you’re not sure exactly how to share it with your customers and prospects, what’s the solution?

Whether you’re posting from a company page or as an employee updating your own personal network, it’s important your statuses always stay true to your brand’s tone of voice in an authentic way.

We’re finding that leaders who aren’t afraid to speak openly and honestly about how they’ve overcome hurdles, the lessons they’ve learnt and who want to share ‘free’ advice with their followers are proving extremely popular lately.

It’s less about the hard sell on LinkedIn now. People want ‘human’ responses to everyday challenges. So, while we wouldn’t advise that you air every single moment of your working life online, here are some suggestions to think about when you’re crafting your next LinkedIn post.

1. Tell a story

When the world is moving at a rapid rate, people don’t often have much time on their hands, so you’ve got to hook them with that very first line – and keep them interested.

If you’ve got some research to share, hit readers with a powerful stat that makes them stop scrolling. You might be creating a ‘here’s what I’ve learnt’ style post, if so, go in with something that strikes a chord, is relatable and structured well.

Here’s an example from Chris Ailey, CEO of search and social media agency Honcho

2. Use video when you can

Accessibility is so important for your audience. Brands have a lot to think about because many recipients might be using screen readers or be dyslexic, so your messaging must be inclusive.

A great way to engage people is via video, especially with captions. LinkedIn reports that 79% of its audience watches visual content without sound too, so think about that when you’re next hitting the ‘record’ button.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be branded content either, users are tapping into YouTube, TikTok and other mediums to tell their story, such as this one that we love

3. Not every post has to have a photo

We’re finding this is especially strong for employees who can structure a story and tell it in a text-only format that’s free from images.

The thing is, when you hook in your audience with content that resonates, that goes a long way to deepening those all-important customer relationships. Why? Because they may have felt the same way before and can therefore relate to you.

Emotive subjects around tackling imposter syndrome or leadership challenges you’ve faced head-on are powerful topics for business-minded individuals. Don’t forget advice-led posts too such as ‘this hack changed my life’, ‘X top tips to land media coverage’ or ‘how to create engaging content on social media’ show you’re happy to help for free!

Here’s a cool example. It doesn’t have an image, but the author has still managed to generate tonnes of engagement and also used a clever way to include a call to action…

4. If you ARE wanting to use images, think about the end goal

Blurry photos or boring settings won’t inspire your reader to stop scrolling, so make sure you’re considering what your end product looks like for your followers.

Don’t just go for images that suit the desktop either, think about your mobile customers and prospects too – if anything, put these folks first!

We liked this one below for the image itself, what do you think?

5. Don’t always put links in the text body

Many brands have taken to experimenting with where it’s best to place a call to action link.

According to GrowthRocks’ findings, more people clicked on URLs if they were positioned in the comments section and brands were also achieving a better reach.

Our advice? Try different formats and see what works for your individual audience. Don’t be disheartened if your content gathers a bit of tumbleweed either, forget about it and focus on building the content that is getting you engagement.

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