At a time when ‘doomscrolling’ has become part of many people’s social media vocabulary, we’re choosing to swipe left on this topic and instead focus on something more positive – the power of people!

Now, if you’re a loyal reader of ours, you’ll be well-versed in how much we value staff-led posts that shine a light on their exciting industry or brand. In addition, we tend to always come armed with a stat. So, here goes…

Did you know that an employee post can generate between 8 and 12-times the engagement compared to the same version straight from a company account?

We do, because that’s the figure we’ve discovered our clients are enjoying!

Think about that from a business bottom line perspective too. Ultimately, if you want your customers to buy into what you’re trying to achieve, your workforce needs to be at the heart of everything.

So, while we’re not exactly armed with a degree in science, what we do believe in is educating brand leaders in how they can tap into their teams to truly make the most of their social media content. Here are four key points to think about…

1. Customers believe in employee advocacy

Alongside our earlier stat attack, now’s the time for another popular saying: ‘people buy from people.’ It’s true, they do!

When the audience is searching for answers online, an engaged employee is more likely to provide a trusted opinion – whether that’s covering what it’s really like to work for your company or how game-changing your hero product or service really is.

Encouraging staff to positively speak about your organisation online – in an authentic and on-brand manner – can be hugely influential for customers and prospects to find out a little bit more about you.

2. It’s all about the content

From plugging an engaging thought leadership article to an employee sharing a must-have job ad – these are brilliant examples of what to push out on your social channels to both widen your network and online brand presence.

If your team is struggling for content ideas, commenting on industry-specific, relevant news is also a great way of generating debate and showcasing you’re reacting swiftly to trending topics.

For a softer, more personal touch, are any of your employees celebrating a birthday, picking up an award, or finishing a qualification? Images and videos are perfect for staff to share and help to put a ‘face’ to your brand. For other content ideas, our free guide can definitely help.

3. Encourage healthy competition between teams

Everyone loves a reward, right? Well, how about putting incentives in place for the person who achieves the most social media clicks and shares each month? You could also have a ‘Most Valuable Player’ at the end of the year with a huge prize up for grabs. And, if your staff are anything like ours, they’ll be motivated by a spot of ‘competition’ between departments and colleagues too.

There’s never been a better time to tap into the powers of your employees – and don’t be afraid to talk to them and see what content they want to share. After all, if we’re going to stay connected, it’s important to keep talking and supporting one another, right?

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