Twitter stories – a fleeting trend or crucial marketing spend?

More than 500 million users are uploading images, videos, GIFs and more to their Instagram stories every day. So, when Twitter launched similar ‘fleets’ functionality last year, could they deliver the same level of success… or do even better than their photo-led social media counterparts?

If you’re still wondering what fleets are, have a look at the top of your Twitter newsfeed and you’ll see some examples of short, snappy stories lasting 24 hours from accounts you’re following. Some updates might include restaurants posting their latest culinary delights, people uploading videos of scenic views they’ve enjoyed during their lunchbreaks, or recording of live events.

So, what’s the difference between Twitter’s quick-fire addition compared to IG and Facebook’s versions?

For us, it’s the ‘Space’ functionality which enables you to have live audio conversations on Twitter. If you’re unsure where this is, click on your profile to add a fleet and then scroll across the bottom bar of options. Creators can then ‘host’ spaces to begin a topic – so, if you’ve got a lot to say that’s on brand, this might be a strong way to engage.

When should I use fleets?

Developed as another way for users to converse and engage with their audience – and deepen those all-important connections – a fleeting glimpse behind your brand can be a great way to express yourselves creatively to get bums on seats at the next webinar or generate interest in your newly-launched product or service.

However, rather than pumping thousands of pounds into your ‘fleets strategy’ without knowing if they’re going to work for your organisation or not, we’d recommend firstly getting your real-time responses on-point.

By that we mean ensuring you’re replying to customers’ posts swiftly or speaking to them via direct messages. Focusing on this side of the overall customer relationship helps to develop loyalty, and lets the consumer know they’re talking to a human rather than a robot.

You can of course do this via fleets, but there’s something more authentic about sending a direct response to someone that helps them out on a one-to-one basis, rather than posting to all via a story.

Will my fleets work as well as Instagram and Facebook stories?

It’s important that brands don’t expect fleets to do the same job as their other social media channels as not all audiences are the same. Twitter is typically renowned for its fast-paced rolling feed of news and notifications to keep you up-to-speed with everything happening in the world.

In comparison, you might often see Instagram and Facebook as something more personal or for a sense of escapism. LinkedIn has also released similar functionality to the others too, which is typically suited to a more B2B-centric audience.

So, treat your fleets in their own right and use them to complement your Twitter content strategically.

Overall, we’d advise that you test things out and analyse the level of engagement before you add a series of noughts onto your social media marketing budget for fleets comms. Although the current take-up might not be on the level of Instagram or Facebook, if you use them in the right way, they could help your brand delve into an untapped area of the marketplace and drive that all-important engagement and ROI even further – not bad for a fleeting mention, eh?!

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