Four ways gamification can motivate employees – download your guide today!

Zoom quizzes, stay-at-home social events and virtual spa days may have all been popular team building exercises to keep colleagues happy and motivated during COVID-19 – and may soon be returning to our diaries.

And whilst these can be effective ways to maintain a connected workforce, another untapped resource is often right there in front of businesses – and all they have to do is think creatively.

We’re talking about gamification.

By its very definition, this application encourages organisations to merge game-based elements in non-gaming contexts as an innovative way to engage employees. It’s not only a great way to help create a positive and motivated workforce, but it can re-energise brand loyalty and maintain staff wellness.

Think about the gamification that’s already blazing a trail online – from the Starbucks loyalty rewards programme to Nike’s running app where individuals earn badges when they reach certain exercise goals.

Gamification is all around, companies just need to know where to look. Enterprises simply have to explore the options a little bit more so they can make their particular feature relevant to workforces and specific industries.

For example, in its simplest form, could firms provide an online quiz platform that incentivises the employees who pass each test? The rewards could be everything from digital badges and points, to company donations for their chosen charities.

At SoAmpli, we love gamification. Armed with the statistics that 3 out of 4 people buy from other individuals they trust online, we’ve used these figures to develop our gaming feature around the importance of staff.

Our digital leaderboard focuses on colleagues’ social media sharing performance and ranks the ‘top posters’ in the form of a table. That way, we’re encouraging business leaders to reward the person who appears at the summit – whether that’s at the end of every week, month or even year!

Having a small element of healthy competition empowers staff members to post more strategic online content – which should ultimately drive a greater level of lead generation opportunities.

To help other enterprises tap into gamification, we’ve produced a free, easy-to-digest guide that equips workforces to:

  • Understand how gaming-based features can encourage teams to be innovative
  • Develop inhouse skills so individuals remain focused and committed to learning more
  • Incentivise colleagues who are pulling out all the stops online
  • Build a brand of employee advocates who pride themselves on sharing positive word-of-mouth content to a key audience

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