How to Use Video to Rock Social Selling [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mobile video consumption is currently growing by 100% every year.

This is the kind of statistic that really showcases how fast our consumer habits are changing. In this landscape, it’s no surprise that more and more social media channels are trying to reinvent themselves as video hosting platforms, with most of them offering YouTube-like functionalities to all users.

The latest network to jump on the video bandwagon was LinkedIn, where users can now upload videos through the mobile app.

With 80% of customers remembering a video they’ve watched in the last month, and 90% of customers reporting that product videos help them make purchasing decisions, videos represent an amazing opportunity for salespeople who want to get noticed by clients and prospects.

Here are our top tips to help you craft the perfect video content for social selling:

Looking for inspiration? See Maz Nadjm, SoAmpli’s founder & CEO, share some top tips on how to build relevancy and influence within your network in these quick videos.

How to create relevancy on Social Media

How to increase your influence on Social Media


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