How to live-tweet like a pro

Drop your business cards and grab your phone… let us walk you through the art of Live Tweeting!

Ever since Twitter became part of the mainstream, the practice of ‘live-tweeting’ has become a very popular way to leverage industry events and conferences. Posting real-time comments about a talk or a debate on Twitter while the event is taking place is a great way to gain visibility and network online as well as in person during important industry gatherings.

Although the concept of live-tweeting is really easy to understand, getting started with it can be daunting. And, like any artistic process, doing some planning before you start pouring your soul into your tweets is good practice. Below, you can find some of our top tips based on years and years of passionate live-tweeting…

When you’re going to an event packed with fellow industry professionals to represent your company, being prepared is key. How can you do that? 

Here’s a quick checklist:

✏️ Follow the event on Twitter: The organisers probably have their own profile or a personalised hashtag, or both! Find out what these are and get ready to tag them/use their hashtag in every tweet you publish.

✏️ Find people you want to connect with in person: Start interacting with other industry professionals, potential customers, and possible partners that will be attending the event and follow them as well!

Pro tip: create a private list on Twitter with these profiles so you can easily monitor them during the event and join conversations!

✏️ Get everyone involved: If other people from your team are attending the same event, make sure to mention them on Twitter in the run up to the date!

When you’re finally at the event (you know the hashtag, you have your lists, and your phone is charged), make sure you…


 1. Let fellow attendees know you are there

Kickstart your live-tweeting adventure with a nice message (maybe including a selfie or a photo of the venue?) to help industry colleagues find you and connect with you!

2. Be visual

Take photos to show what’s going on, share interesting stats about the event and show your enthusiasm.

3. Live Tweet with soul

As you monitor the hashtag, interact with other people using it, making an effort to let your own style, point of view and tone of voice shine through every message.

Remember: it’s not just about tweeting exactly what someone said, it’s about having your own opinions on what is going on and to foster debate!


After the event, the fun isn’t over!

Not only have you made all these new connections (who you should now be following and interacting with on social media), but now this is a great time to:

  • Share your favourite moments from the event
  • Mention and thank people who you met there
  • Write a blog post about your experience



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