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How to Use Video to Rock Social Selling [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mobile video consumption is currently growing by 100% every year. This is the kind of statistic that really showcases how fast our consumer habits are changing. In this landscape, it’s no surprise that more and more social media channels are trying to reinvent themselves as video hosting platforms, with most of them offering YouTube-like functionalities to

How to Boost Your Online Influencer Engagement: The Easy Way

We’ve all come across them online. People with a large follower base who have become particularly influential in their industry because of the opinions, experiences and insights that they share on social media. Interacting with these individuals, usually known as ‘influencers’, can help you tap into new and highly engaged audiences, raise your online profile, gain new followers and

Eye-opening stats about Social Selling [Infographic]

Until not too long ago, the idea that conversations on social media could have a real impact on companies’ revenues was not exactly mainstream. It’s only in recent years that the perception has started shifting, mainly as a consequence of the rise of technologies that help track how conversations with prospects start, develop and turn into