Putting CDS under the spotlight

It’s time to hand over the reins to the many exciting brands we’re proud to work with in our client portfolio.

So, here is everything you need to know about James Fraser, Business Development Manager at CDS, as the enterprise delves into how they effectively utilise social media and what employee advocacy means to them…

1. Describe your company in your own words

At CDS, we solve complex business problems. Our capabilities meet the ever-expanding communications needs of businesses in an increasingly complex world.

Every day we make a positive difference to the wealth, health and safety of UK citizens, through trusted collaborative partnerships with clients including: The NHS,  Bank of England, Insight Investment, the Cabinet Office, Tenet Group, Transport for London, National Rail, Wesleyan Assurance, Social Work England, the Ministry of Defence, Open University and the Metropolitan Police Service.

2. And why is social media important for your brand?

I would argue that social media has become more important since Covid-19 hit earlier in the year. Like many organisations, we’ve been forced to evolve and adapt how we communicate and engage with our clients. Social media has a role to play here – helping to build bridges, drive engagement and keep us connected.

3. Why did you choose SoAmpli?

We did look at other tools in the market and there were two key points of difference that led to us selecting SoAmpli. Firstly, they took the time to understand CDS and our business objectives. This made us more comfortable, giving us confidence that we’d be working with a reliable partner. Secondly, and quite simply, we felt they offered better value for money.

4. Describe our social sharing and employee advocacy platform in one word?


5. And your favourite feature?

Discover – it’s an inventive and time-saving way of sourcing new and relevant content. Plug in the RSS feeds you want to leverage, and you have a wealth of insights available which are ready to promote and publish.

6. What’s been your biggest challenge this year?

The on-going impact and uncertainty around Covid-19 and the ripple effect this has on new business opportunities.

7. And what do you love most about your job?

I work with a vast array of teams – internally and externally. It widens your understanding and perspective of an organisation, giving you an appreciation for what others do and the challenges they face. It’s refreshing and something I really value as part of my role.

8. Do you have any specific social media and employee advocacy goals for the next 12 months?

We need to be smarter at how we position and promote content so that we increase levels of engagement. We also need to start generating more of our own thought leadership.

9. What’s the top skill that a firm needs so that it can truly engage on social media?


10. And your must-know social media tip?

Perseverance – don’t expect earth shattering results overnight. It takes time to lay the foundations and even longer to see the benefits. But if the activity level is right, the rewards will follow.

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