How to Boost Your Online Influencer Engagement: The Easy Way

We’ve all come across them online.

People with a large follower base who have become particularly influential in their industry because of the opinions, experiences and insights that they share on social media.

Interacting with these individuals, usually known as ‘influencers’, can help you tap into new and highly engaged audiences, raise your online profile, gain new followers and start more conversations with prospects and industry experts.

But before you can start interacting with influencers, you need to find the ones that are most relevant to you!
Not sure how to do it? Get inspired by the infographic below…

Your influencer lists should be living organisms that you review, amend and add to quite regularly.


Below, our top tips to help you get started with influencer engagement:

✏️  Engage with your top influencers on an on-going basis, liking, sharing and commenting on those content pieces that you find most interesting and relevant for your own audience

✏️  Mention them whenever you share some of their original content

✏️ Provide your unique point of view and add something to the conversation when retweeting or re-sharing

✏️ Make sure to connect with influencers on different social platforms (i.e. if you follow each other on Twitter, add them on LinkedIn reminding them of the connection you’ve already established)

✏️ Work on building long-lasting relationships (don’t stop after the first engagement!)

✏️  Don’t be spammy or use the same comment to engage with multiple influencers in one ‘session’


Getting started with influencer engagement can be hard if you don’t know how to do it. At SoAmpli, we specialise in demystifying social media for our clients, helping them get results, however digitally shy they may be.

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Your colleagues won’t even have to know how to spell “hashtag” in order to get started.

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