How does a social selling platform save you time?

At SoAmpli, we love Social Selling a lot. We practice it on a daily basis to start conversations with prospects, clients, industry experts and influencers, and those conversations turn into business opportunities and revenue at a fraction of traditional marketing costs. Through our platform, we are able to gather the best industry stories to share on social media in a matter of seconds, quickly distribute our marketing content and see who is interacting with us and which of our posts are performing best across the board. Our clients do the same and see incredible results as well.

But, beyond increasing sales for the business, how does our social selling tool help YOU, as an individual salesperson, save time?

On average, SoAmpli users saved 1 day per week of their prospecting time using SoAmpli, so there must be something in it. We took a closer look to identify the biggest ways you can save valuable time.

Everything in one place

Some platforms focus on one thing at a time and that often means switching between different management tools. If that’s the case, you may as well not bother! SoAmpli provides a place where users can upload one post and share it with all their social accounts. But it’s not just sharing everywhere instantly that makes the difference. You can also customise each message for your separate social channels before they go out.

Crafting your message for each platform is crucial, but, if you don’t have a lot of time, even simple changes like adding hashtags for Twitter posts can make a big difference.

Automated Scheduling

Scheduling your social content for the week shouldn’t have to take longer than drinking your Monday morning coffee. Being smart and scheduling each post can save you time in the week, but you still need to schedule those individually.


That’s why we have introduced automated scheduling, a feature that takes the manual process out of scheduling. Now, all you have to do it set up regular times for content to go out and you’re done! New content you want to share just needs to be added to that queue, in one click.

See what works and what doesn’t

Analysis of what works and what doesn’t can traditionally take as long or longer than sourcing the content in the first place. While learning from your content is extremely important, spending days looking at each platform, gathering the necessary information is definitely not what you should be doing.

It goes without saying that if you can publish to all your channels on one platform, you should be able to see the stats for all of them as well. SoAmpli helps you cut down time by analysing all the content you share through the platform and present it to you in the most consumable way possible. Look at insights such as post reach, click-throughs and further engagement on the social media channels you share your posts to.

Saving time is important, but make sure that the job is done correctly should always be the bigger concern. With social selling and SoAmpli, you don’t have to compromise one to improve the other!

We love helping companies make greater use of their time without compromising the quality of their content or their sales results.

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