Reevoo selects SoAmpli to power its B2B social selling programme

UGC platform Reevoo has seen an impressive growth over the last few years. Founded in 2005, the company which specialises in the collection and display of customer experiences, reviews and peer-to-peer conversations, now provides solutions to hundreds of brands around the world and helps millions of shoppers make better buying decisions.

For the latest of their innovative marketing initiatives, Reevoo has selected SoAmpli’s state of the art social selling platform. SoAmpli provides a simple yet extremely effective solution to companies looking to activate their sales teams, as well as other departments, on social media to increase sales and decrease marketing costs.

The SoAmpli platform – once defined as ‘stupidly simple’ by a user – enables Reevoo’s teams to harness the power of social selling, connecting with prospects, customers and industry experts on an on-going basis through content, packaged and shared by the marketing team.

“As a B2B company, we need to distribute fresh and relevant content to our sales team to share on social media.” Jeno Villaverde, Reevoo’s digital marketing manager, commented.

“SoAmpli proved invaluable in supporting our social selling programme and helping our team with lead generation and nurturing on Twitter and LinkedIn”.

In the field, SoAmpli is known for a distinctive approach to onboarding and user experience as well as an unprecedented attention to clients’ needs, as Jeno remarked:

“One thing that sets SoAmpli apart is their amazing customer support. They have taken on board all of our feedback, and have collaborated with us to ensure our success in the most effective way”.

Maz Nadjm, founder and managing director of SoAmpli, commented: “As a B2B brand, Reevoo has a particularly dynamic social media presence. That’s why launching a company-wide social selling programme was a highly strategic decision. The team and I are extremely pleased our technology will be key in supporting Reevoo’s efforts in this area”.

Following an initial six months’ contract, whose results exceeded expectations, Reevoo is now planning on extending the programme to more teams throughout 2017.

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