Putting ESPHR under the spotlight

It’s time to hand over the social media reins to one of the many exciting brands we’re proud to work with as part of our client portfolio.

So, here is everything you need to know about Kerry Byrne, senior marketing executive for ESPHR, as she delves into how her organisation effectively utilises social media and what employee advocacy means to the team…

1. Describe your company in your own words

At ESPHR, we focus on integrating employment law, Employee Relations (ER) support and ER software solutions all under one roof.

We’re headquartered in the south of England but have a northern presence as well as a nationally-facing customer portfolio which includes Greene King, Randstad and GVC Holdings.

2. And why is social media important for your brand?

It’s vital for us to have a strong brand presence online because it provides us with an additional platform to share ideas, liaise directly with customers and keep on top of industry trends.

We’re big fans of LinkedIn – as it’s a social network that plays to our sector’s strengths – but we also see the value of Twitter to keep in touch with journalists and apace with the latest news.

3. Why did you choose SoAmpli?

As a business focused on people, processes, and technology, we thought a social sharing tool that promoted employee advocacy would be perfect for us. Our senior leaders use it to share relevant, timely content that customers and prospects enjoy engaging with.

We love the simplicity of the dashboard and the fact that it’s quick and easy to share advice-led posts online. It’s important to understand how well posts are doing too so – alongside interacting with customers organically – we plug in SoAmpli to monitor key metrics that can impact our bottom line.

4. Describe our social sharing and employee advocacy platform in one word?


5. And your favourite feature?

I really like the ‘Queued Posts’ function because it enables an element of control over when the updates appear in the dashboard. It means there is a consistent stream of valuable content for our users to tap into – and ensures they do not miss anything.

6. What’s your biggest challenge as an organisational leader?

Managing ESPHR’s marketing function means there’s never a quiet day! But that is what I love about the job – the variety and pace.

I head up all the marketing activity including strategy, email marketing, social media, website content and development, awards entries, as well as a significant amount of data management. I’m also the go-to contact for our PR and telemarketing teams, so there’s always a challenge to wear many hats and ensure that my time management remains on track.

7. And what do you love most about your job?

I really enjoy variety. I’m always keen to understand which channels are working well, what needs to be improved on and how we can make things better. For anyone that knows me too, I love data!

8. Do you have any specific social media and employee advocacy goals for the next 12 months?

I’d like to empower more of the team and build up their profiles so they become ‘go to’ industry commentators in the ER space.

This is such a vital topic for ESPHR, so we really want to really hammer home how ER impacts everything throughout a business – from company culture and safety to strategy and infrastructure.

9. What’s the top skill that a firm needs so that it can truly engage on social media?

Possibly more of a ‘softer’ skill, but I would say empathy is a huge attribute for brands to possess online. If they don’t understand their customers – and what they’re going through – an audience can easily tune out.

Digital comms must be engaging. That means listening and providing reassurance, assistance, and ongoing support to make sure people’s needs are being met.

10. And your must-know social media tip?

Tap into the power of employees. They’re the ones who represent the brand, so their voices have to be valued – and heard.

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