The 7 questions you should ask in a social sharing platform demo

As billions of social media users update their networks by the second, it’s easy for organisations to get lost in online noise – especially if they’re struggling to post regularly with relevant content.

For many businesses, they might have social media scheduling tools set-up to help relieve those time-sensitive stresses and strains as they tackle their ever-growing list of ‘to dos’.

But what about the workforce posts – and how often? Do leaders know how – and are there guidelines in place to ensure uniformed tone of voice which is familiar for the brand and its audience?

If not, social sharing platforms might be the answer! They can prove to be a handy tool for companies who want to ensure they’re saying the right things and reaching their desired customers. It’s also a fantastic approach when motivating employees to share valuable content and enhance in-house culture through reward and incentives schemes.

For those exploring this avenue, there is likely going to be a demo that follows – and it’s important to be prepared.

However, don’t worry, because we’ve got it covered here! Below are some of the most common questions we get asked when demoing the SoAmpli platform. We hope this helps!

1. What social channels does the platform connect up?

Commonly, it’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Some platforms – like SoAmpli – also hook up profiles to an Instagram page too. But make sure this question is asked, because it might be that there’s an option to tailor what the platform focuses on, for example, LinkedIn only.

2. How can I get my employees interested in signing up?

This is one of the important steps because we find that the most engaged users are those who have highly-motivated staff members willing to post regular, solid content. We’d recommend that, once management buy-in is achieved, the next step should be to communicate the platform with staff and encourage interested participants to join an in-house ‘Employee Advocacy Programme’.

Having something like this in place enables organisations to effectively communicate with workers about what their roles in the scheme will entail, underline expectations and make sure there’s incentives and things to play for such as prize draws, trophies and even holidays! If there’s still uncertainty, this blog on building brand advocates should help!

3. How does the platform keep my team motivated to keep adding content?

Many social sharing tools should come complete with engaging gamification features that keep users tuned in and encouraged to keep posting. With the SoAmpli platform we have a leaderboard system that ranks individual efforts in terms of achieving the most clicks, posts, shares and reach.

There are also notification settings that can drop directly into employees’ inboxes (called ‘Email Digests’) to remind them when fresh content has been shared. There is even the opportunity to ‘like’ or add comments on posts to help people feel their content is valued.

4. What level of reporting is available?

Engagement is critical when it comes to understanding how an organisation’s social media activity has potentially impacted the bottom-line.

Look for a platform that delivers on the metrics that matter – for example how many replies the company has received, as well as likes and/or favourites over what days and times the post landed.

Teams can then tailor subsequent content to fit what’s achieving the highest level of interaction and click-throughs, alongside when its audience is most engaged. Receiving that level of reporting regularly – such as a monthly document – is what’s going to help make social posts stand out in future.

5. Is there a social listening element?

Understanding what an organisation’s customers are talking about can enable content creators to pull together the answers to any of their questions – and forecast future queries.

Enterprises should therefore be privy to having access to specific keywords, topics and what competitors are saying online, followed by the necessary analysis to gain insights from those activities.

SoAmpli has a ‘Discover’ option which allows users to import content based on RSS feeds, Twitter handles and hashtags, LinkedIn and Facebook company pages – so organisations never miss a news-jacking beat! There’s also an ‘Industry Tracker’, allowing businesses to keep on top of what sector specialists are saying – delivering that all-important competitive edge.

6. Can I find relevant content in the platform for sharing?

Typically, social sharing tools have a ‘trending’ option which helps enterprises to source relevant, real-time content in no time. Savvier online platforms should also be able to sort those articles based on clicks, reach and shares so that organisations know which piece is most popular and interesting for the audience to read.

We’d also recommend for the content product to be produced in-house, ensuring it’s in the familiar tone of voice for the company, personable and social-media friendly. Include engaging images and topics that cover industry news, client wins and business growth successes, new recruit Q&As, press coverage and something that represents the company culture and the people ‘behind the brand’.

7. Do I have to be online all the time to use it?

That should be one of the advantages to a social sharing platform – that you don’t have to be ‘always on’ in order to produce regular content, although it’s definitely worth keeping it up to date so that what’s being sent from the platform is timely and relevant.

Most social media tools now have scheduling options which should typically solve any issues around employees feeling obligated to log on all the time.

With smart platforms, organisations should be able to deliver content at the times they know their audience is most engaged, continue to glean the marketing metrics that matter and ensure the message is being spread far and wide by not only the company page, but employees too.

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