The real potential of Social Selling: Our trending post on Econsultancy

Social Selling

If there is one thing that all businesses in the world have in common – whatever their industry, size, internal structure and corporate culture – it’s that they all need sales to thrive.

In a hypothetical 2016 Buzz Words Contest, “Social Selling” would have very good chances of winning the title. But although the potential benefits of empowering sales teams on social media for lead generation are being talked about so often, a lot of companies are yet to  come up with dedicated strategies for it.

In his latest article for Econsultancy, SoAmpli’s founder and CEO Maz Nadjm explores some of the incredibly powerful possibilities social media offers to companies that  are ready to “bridge the gap” between their marketing and sales departments. With as much as 65% of content created by marketing never being used by sales (Sales Hacker) and 80% of companies believing they would be more productive if their sales teams had a greater social media presence (The SMA Sales Management Association), connecting the two disciplines is becoming more and more of a necessity for businesses wishing to stay ahead of the competition.

Connect Sales to Mktg Infographic

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