SoAmpli Presents: An Interview with Edwin Amerman, Duck Creek Technologies

In August of 2017, Boston-based Duck Creek Technologies selected the SoAmpli platform to power their company-wide social selling programme. Since then they have seen impressive results.

These include:

  • Sharing over 9,700 posts to social media
  • Reaching over 9.1 million people on social media
  • Generating over 71,350 click-throughs on content shared from SoAmpli

In the third instalment of our Spotlight on: SoAmpli Clients series, our client service manager Micha Nielsen sat down with Edwin Amerman, Vice President of Sales at Duck Creek Technologies, to speak about his SoAmpli experience and why he thinks developing your personal brand online is so important.


M: Edwin, can you walk us through your SoAmpli routine?

E: I tend to go into SoAmpli at least once a day at a minimum and I look at the content to identify what I want to be sharing throughout the week. The rest is really simple. I go in and click on the content, share some and schedule other pieces to go out at various times throughout the week so there’s something hitting every day – or sometimes twice a day – depending on the content.

Whenever we put new content in SoAmpli, I get a notification. I go into the platform as soon as I can and determine whether it’s something I want to share to social media straight away. For instance, recently we released an important press release so I felt like that was important to share immediately.

I think social selling is really important, not only for the Duck Creek brand, but also for my own social presence within the industry and my own image as a leader in the organisation. I think it’s important to have solid content out there that will resonate with people and encourage them to engage. That’s why I try to remain engaged daily with social media through SoAmpli.


M: Has using SoAmpli helped you save time?

E: Yes, significantly. Now that we have a consistent stream of quality content flowing through our SoAmpli channels, I don’t need to search for shareable content or work on creating my own (although I still edit some of the content that’s in the platform for my personal channels).

I think SoAmpli has easily saved me 60% of the time I used to spend creating content for social media. That doesn’t mean I still don’t go out and source some content for myself – I just don’t feel the need to do it as often now.

If I come across an article about insurance in the Wall Street Journal that I think is relevant to share with my network, I’ll still take time to post it through SoAmpli so that I can track analytics within the platform and so that my colleagues can repurpose that content as well.


M: Which social media channels do you find yourself sharing to the most and why?

E: LinkedIn and Twitter, mainly. I’ve always believed that my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles are really about me from a professional perspective, while other channels like Facebook are more personal. I do think that being active on multiple, professionally-focused channels is very important to develop my own personal brand, as well as the company brand.


M: What’s the type of content you share to your social channels?

E: The majority of the content I share is original Duck Creek content that our marketing team has created and posted to SoAmpli for us to use. I also try to take the time to share articles I’ve come across on my own time if it’s relevant to my networks.


M: Do you find that original content gets better engagement on your channels?

E: That’s a good question. I think the content we’re producing is pretty solid and it’s hitting the mark at the moment because it’s relevant to our audiences and is very educational. But we also focus on the latest in the industry and repurposing articles, blogs, etc. from other sources (so it’s not just about Duck Creek). I think that as long as our content is relevant and targeted towards our market, I’m more than happy to share it rather than create my own. It’s a huge time-saver on my part.


M: What’s your favourite social selling success story to date?

E: Just recently, I saw that a second-degree connection on LinkedIn had engaged with content I had posted on my social channels through SoAmpli. I was then able to reach out and create a personal connection with them. That doesn’t mean it has lead to anything beyond that yet, but it’s certainly got to the point where now, instead of being a second-degree connection, it’s a first-degree connection. It’s all about developing the relationship and going from there.


M: What’s your favourite thing about SoAmpli?

E: I think my favourite thing about SoAmpli is that it’s very easy to use. It’s intuitive, and once you get set up on it, you can easily schedule out your week, saving you lots of time.

The other piece I like about it is the ‘Leaderboard’ feature. Often, our senior leadership appears on it, which is a great sign. At times, I’ve had more points than others, then less points, and then more points, so there’s a nice, friendly competition going on among employees. It’s that stuff that really drives an organisation to have a really good social presence.

On top of it all, the statistics, analytics, and tracking within SoAmpli helps gives insight into how we’re doing both individually and as an organisation when it comes to social selling.

Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with the platform. Quite frankly, before SoAmpli, we didn’t have a process for monitoring and promoting social posts from employees at Duck Creek. But now we have a system for really engaging with our own content as well as with what’s going on in the industry more broadly. SoAmpli has enabled us to make social sharing ‘stupid-simple’ for employees across the organisation, so they can easily go out and sell, share and socialise with minimal effort.

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