SoAmpli is the platform of choice for Rentokil Initial’s global social selling programme

London-based startup SoAmpli has been chosen by Rentokil Initial, the world’s leading Pest Control and Hygiene services company, as the technology of choice for the company’s global social selling programme.

Following a highly successful six-month pilot in the UK, US and Australia, the SoAmpli social selling platform will be rolled out to Rentokil Initial’s sales and marketing teams in selected markets around the world to engage and track conversations with relevant prospects, customers and industry experts on social media.

Brigitta CarterDigital Content Strategist at Rentokil Initial, commented:

SoAmpli has been opening up many opportunities for our Sales team in a timely and effective manner. It has worked for us from the beginning because of its simplicity, and has confirmed that if you can provide good, valuable content to your connections on an on-going basis, they will be more likely to interact with what you are saying, and you will see great results.”

Maz Nadjm, founder and Managing Director of SoAmpli, expressed his excitement about the partnership:

“We are so pleased that such an established global brand like Rentokil has chosen us to support t the programme. Such an innovative approach to customer engagement and relationship building is not something you see every day and we love to be part of this exciting chapter of Rentokil’s sales and marketing strategy.”

Philip Clark, Rentokil Initial’s Senior Vice President, Global Sales, added:

“Thanks to the simplicity of the platform and the great support offered by the team, the take-up of SoAmpli among our sales teams has been just incredible. The SoAmpli team has been amazing at tackling the challenge of enterprise technology adoption from the start.”

The partnership, for which SoAmpli will provide technology and any social media training required by members of Rentokil Initial’s sales team, aims to train many more of Rentokil Initial’s sales professionals to become active brand ambassadors and thought leaders.

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