What role will Employee Advocacy play in 2021?

We know it could be seen as a risky strategy to start making predictions following the uncertainty that 2020 has presented. But the new year heralds time for brands to try and move beyond the coronavirus crisis.

But the reason why we’re going ahead with this blog is because – throughout everything that has happened to organisations on a global scale – the value of a truly motivated, healthy, and happy workforce has never been more vital.

Last year we tackled what we thought might be in store for social selling, and the past months have clearly underlined how powerful digital comms can be when helping brands to stay present online.

And how have enterprises continued to tell their story during economic uncertainty? Through colleagues and customers.

So, while it might seem a bit of a gamble to predict what might happen next year, we’re so confident that employees will have a pivotal role to play in how companies act – and react – in 2021. Here are four reasons why…

1. Your team can continue to build customer trust

Who is better placed than your highly motivated, engaged and happy employee waxing lyrical about your products or services? Developing a workforce that wants to live and breathe your brand will only pay dividends online.

As ‘people buy from people’, we’re finding that notion has never been truer at SoAmpli, with a single staff-led social post generating 8-12-times the engagement that a company upload can, via our platform.

2. Employees should help to drive the business forward

When you’re managing a workforce, it’s no good only pushing on via a one-person growth plan. As well as not being the best strategy when it comes to achieving staff ‘buy in’, leaders should be listening to their team to build a vision together. After all, employees are the ones on the frontline, forming the deepest relationships with customers.

A 2021 focus for any organisation should still have objectives in place, but it’s about developing those goals alongside a range of voices throughout the business. Hearing what they have to say can help you collectively build for the next phase of your expansion.

3. Colleagues can develop a company culture far beyond the coronavirus crisis

If there’s anything to take from 2020, it’s that the pandemic has further instilled resilience among several sectors – which shows no signs of slowing down.

And while things might not have been easy for everyone, the past months have taught us that a thriving team can pull one another through the toughest of times – no matter where employees are based.

We believe that’s only going to play a stronger role next year as the economy rebuild continues. Our advice to managers would be that if your people strategy has fallen through the cracks a little, or perhaps wasn’t as high up on your boardroom agenda as it could’ve been, make sure it’s a priority for 2021.

4. Maintaining a happy and healthy environment

Focusing on your workforce’s engagement shouldn’t end when we ring in the New Year. To continue growing, a motivated and engaged workforce will ultimately be a productive one – and they can help you to achieve specific goals.

Bringing each of these points together, these are small steps towards what it truly means to have a band of employee advocates. A brand with colleagues who are present online, speak highly of your organisation, share vital company news with customers and love the role they play in the workforce, can provide multiple business-wide benefits – including increased sales and positive sentiment.

So, with 2021 looming, is now a good time to empower your staff and supercharge your social selling strategy? If you agree/think so, we can help!

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