The 5 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask about Employee Advocacy on Social Media


Lately, digital marketers have been talking about it A LOT. Social media experts have been explaining its benefits and best practices for a while. Employees of companies implementing it are now getting familiar with the whole concept. Hey, there’s even someone describing it as the ‘next social media mega trend’. Still, for a lot of people, Employee Advocacy remains a mystery…

What is Employee Advocacy, in a nutshell?
Employee Advocacy is the voluntary promotion of a company or organisation by its staff members, mainly through their personal social media profiles.

WHY is Employee Advocacy ‘a thing’?
By using their own online connections, employees can increase the organic reach of all kinds of company-generated content.
As a marketing strategy, employee advocacy is extremely cost effective. Companies are relying on a resource they’ve had all along – their own employees –to increase general brand awareness and, ultimately, drive more sales. On the other hand, employees get access to unique content and industry insight that can establish their role as experts and influencers in their specific field.

HOW can Employee Advocacy influence people’s perception of a company?
Customers are growing more and more insensitive to companies’ promoted content or paid ads on social media. On the other hand, they are still receptive of advice and updates shared by their personal connections. Having employees share news about the company or their personal excitement for new products and services lessens the ‘corporate’ feel of the experience from a customer’s point of view, increasing the likelihood of active engagement.

WHAT kind of content should be shared by employees?
Marketing campaigns, special promotions, industry insights, photos taken during an office night out… the variety of content that can be ‘boosted’ by employees social sharing is incredible. As it often happens, the key to success lies all in authenticity. Employees should be empowered to share content that can actually appeal to them and their online relations, personalising it if needs be.

HOW can Employee Advocacy be implemented?
Well, that’s when we come in. The SoAmpli’s web and mobile-based platform helps companies to implement, grow and monitor their Employee Advocacy programs.
So, what are you waiting for…?

Sometimes, we come across ideas so smart in their – apparent – simplicity that they’ll make us go: ‘Why didn’t I think about it first?’. In digital marketing, one of these concepts is employee advocacy through social media.

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