The four brands we ALWAYS stop scrolling for on Twitter

Getting a customer to engage with your post is no mean feat in today’s fast-paced, digital-first world. But when everything is moving at what seems is a million miles an hour online, at SoAmpli HQ we still find the time to stop and enjoy amazing social media content.

That’s we’ve created this blog all about the brands we LOVE for a variety of reasons. Whether they make us belly laugh, cry happy tears or we simply get lost in their incredible creativity, here’s our pick of the brands that are nailing it on Twitter…

1. Very British Problems (SoVeryBritish)

Relatable in every way, this is an organisation that gets it spot-on when it comes to both jumping on trending topics and picking out those ‘ugh!’ moments we all live and breathe on a daily basis.

With 3.9 million followers – and an amazing array of merchandise to boot too – we’re not alone in our love for this brand’s ability to capitalise on the nation’s mood.

And while we enjoy how the tweet team has its fingers firmly on the pulse when commenting on current affairs, we’re also a big fan of the more ‘traditional’ posts like below. So, what we having for tea again?


2. One Minute Briefs (@oneminutebriefs)

A candidate in our ‘SoAmpli Meets’ series, founder Nick Entwistle has created a brand that’s completely made for user-generated content.

It’s a simple concept too: One Rule. One Minute. One Idea.

Truly an amazing way to bring the creative community together, here’s an example as to why they’re a social media ‘champion’ for us…


3. All On The Board (allontheboard)

Since beginning on their humble quest in 2017, the London Underground creative duo now has a loyal band of 79,000 Twitter followers and several celebrity fans – including actor Ricky Gervais and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Always aiming to empower and uplift readers – but also not shy away from real issues such as mental health and grief – there’s a reason why this brand is now a Times Best Selling author and uses social media responsibly to give you that virtual hug you need on a tough day.

4. Kevin Parry (@kevinbparry)

And finally, while this account might not be a ‘brand’ per se, Kevin’s amazing slow-motion animation skills showcase exactly why he makes us stop in our scrolling tracks.

As well as taking the time to craft beautifully engaging content, this self-professed ‘video wizard’ also allows his 91,000 followers behind-the-scenes to find out how his idea came to fruition.

And it’s not only the impressive end product that we’re a superfan of, but we love how he taps into the 80%-plus audience that only watches visual social posts without the sound on – making it a truly inclusive experience all round.

We’ll leave you with one of our favourites from Kevin P…


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