Why is Clubhouse now the must-have app?

It’s been around since March 2020 and is Elon Musk’s favourite social media platform, but only recently has Clubhouse burst into mainstream culture.

So, why now? And what’s all the hype about? Look no further, here’s our take on how marketers can utilise this app as a tool to communicate with customers in a modern-day way…

Established by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth, Clubhouse now has over two million users and has been valued at £700 million-plus (that breaks the $1bn dollar mark!)

It’s a social networking app that’s audio chat-focused and opens the virtual doors for users to tap into live interviews and debates on a variety of topics.

But here’s the thing… one of its killer USPs? It’s invite-only.

Yes, Davidson and Seth have leveraged what it means to be part of an elite club – one which is all about different communities having discussions that people truly want to listen to, and take part in.

That’s dynamite for any savvy marketer, right?

We’ve seen it work with webinars and podcasts, as well as closed groups on social media and instant messaging tools, so is this another way for our savvy industry to host debates covering subjects our customers want to know more about – whether that’s social selling, employee advocacy or digital marketing? It could well be!

Of course, these virtual rooms aren’t always about ‘work’. The founders’ recent blog talks about how people have used Clubhouse to share travel tips, run support groups and even stage musical productions!

What that says to us is that it’s putting the power into the hands of the customers – and marketing departments should be aware of what they’re engaging with.

For users, it encourages them to join a community and personalise their social media experience. By selecting topics they want to hear about the most – whether books, sport or otherwise – it’s proving to be a powerful way for individuals to communicate online during a time in which we’re all trying to stay connected.

Of course, there are considerations to be made for brands if you’re exploring being part of this 21st century club. For one, after a discussion has taken place, it disappears when the room is closed. So, if you’re looking for evergreen content, this might not be the place.

How can I get an invite to Clubhouse?

It’s all about your connections. In order for you to join, an invite has to come from an existing user – and they only have two of these ‘golden tickets’ to give out initially.

But don’t worry if you’re not yet on the VIP list, we’re hearing of plans to open Clubhouse up to “the whole world” (their words, not ours!) and roll-out Android capability. So, watch this space SoAmpli friends!

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