The British Heart Foundation Expands Partnership with SoAmpli to Include Thousands of Retail Staff and Volunteers

The British Heart Foundation expands partnership with SoAmpli to include thousands of retail staff and volunteers!

The British Heart Foundation, the single biggest funder of cardiovascular research in the UK, chose SoAmpli as their key technology provider in 2016 for a new and exciting social advocacy programme.

The team at the BHF were looking for an easy and effective tool to engage and inform their wide base of advocates across the country in areas as diverse as fundraising, retail and head office staff as well as mobilise them around the organisation’s numerous campaigns.

SoAmpli proved perfect for their needs, and the platform has proved so successful that they are now inviting thousands of retail staff and volunteers in a new wider rollout plan.

By providing easy access to a pool of posts, staff and advocates have shared over 8,000 posts to social media via SoAmpli, potentially reaching over 13 million people, and generating over 40,000 click-throughs to The BHF’s branded content.

Since 2016 SoAmpli has grown awareness about BHF’s mission and research, both internally within the organisation and externally with the general public.

“We chose SoAmpli for one key reason, its simplicity. SoAmpli’s approach to user experience and technology design means we can roll out with confidence knowing the key features are intuitive enough for the least tech-savvy user” Athar Abidi, Head of Social Media at the BHF, commented.

“The SoAmpli team have been great at listening to our specific needs, really taking on board our suggestions and supporting us every step of the way. It’s hard to find a SaaS company as involved in their clients’ success as SoAmpli.”

Maz Nadjm, founder and managing director of SoAmpli, commented: “We are extremely excited about taking this next step with BHF, an amazing charity with 45 years of inspiring history behind them. We have no doubt SoAmpli will be key in helping them activate thousands of more advocates and drive awareness about their mission through social media”.

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