How to Succeed with Video Content on Social Media

We certainly are watching a lot of video online these days. Over 1 billion people watch YouTube every day, consuming nearly an hour of video each, per day. Video views on Twitter grew 220 times in a 12-month span, while Snapchat and Facebook surpassed 8 billion daily video views a couple of years ago. LinkedIn has been steadily adding to their video offerings, recently releasing video functionality for their Sponsored Content and Company pages, and discovered that members spend three times as much time watching those videos than reading text.

What does all this mean for you, the busy salesperson? You’re used to talking with your accounts and sharing helpful information with them on social media, but how much of that content is video? If you’re not sharing video on social media with them, you’re missing out on engaging your accounts and audience in a powerful way. That is why we launched our new video feature in March this year, making it easier than ever to incorporate video content.

Let’s first look at why you should incorporate video into your content sharing schedule, and then tips on how to make your sharing on social media more successful.

4 benefits of sharing video content on social media

1. Most social media networks have native video features. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have their own video sharing capabilities, not to mention the video-only networks like YouTube and Vimeo. One-third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses and 60% of people say they’re discovering new products through the platform.

Salespeople can share videos to their preferred social media network through the SoAmpli platform. When shared on Twitter, they show up as Twitter Cards, on Facebook they’re embedded directly into the post, and they’re thumbnails on LinkedIn.

2. Video is a powerful way to connect with viewers. Because videos are highly visual and auditory, it’s easier for viewers to remember than straight text-based content. Brands generate 66% more qualified leads per year and achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness by using video.

For example, you could share relevant How To videos through SoAmpli about your products on a regular basis with your customers, so they’re updated on the best ways your products help them achieve their goals.

3. Video boost your site’s SEO. Partly because Google now owns YouTube and partly because people just love video, nearly 62% of Google searches now return videos. That means search engine algorithms are placing more emphasis on video. Not only that, but 75% of viewers head over to the brand’s website after watching a video, making it a great way to boost SEO, sometimes with dramatic results.

4. Videos are easy to share from your desktop. Sure, you can produce and share videos from your smartphone, but don’t forget about your desktop computer. Most social media sharing tools (like the SoAmpli platform) let you add videos to your social posts on your desk computer before publishing. Create the post in SoAmpli, attach the video, add in any relevant hashtags, and you’re ready to share to all your social networks with just one click!

Success tips for sharing video content on social media

Now that you know some of the benefits, let’s look at tips to help you be as successful as possible when sharing video on social media.

  • Share a blend of branded videos and other videos: Following the classic 80/20 mix is a good guideline for videos on social; 20% are your branded videos and 80% are other videos your viewers would find useful.
  • Use hashtags consistently: People discover new content and accounts to follow through hashtags, so ensure you’re using them consistently.
  • Have a standard set of hashtags for your brand, topics, and more: It’s not only a matter of using hashtags regularly, but create branded hashtags to trend online, even better. Use words and phrases relevant to your brand and industry, such as #yourbrandCARES or #BTSyourbrandname.
  • Tag others in your videos: Is there anyone else featured in your video, like a customer in a testimonial video? Or any of your employees in a behind-the-scenes showcase video? @- mention them so they’ll see the video post and share it with their network too, which expands your video’s reach.
  • Share videos more than once: There is so much content online, so it can be hard to get yours seen if you only share it only once. For each post, take a moment to schedule it through the SoAmpli platform: Send it once today, then schedule it for once next week, again in a few weeks, and one more time next month.
  • Share videos on more than one network: Additionally, it’s also important to share your videos on more than one social network. Not everyone is on them all, and may miss your helpful videos. Connect all of your social networks to SoAmpli so you can share videos on all of them.

Ready to start sharing more video content through social media?

We’re eager to help you add video content to your social sales toolkit, helping your salespeople engage more with your customers and audience through video. These tips will make it easier for your salespeople to incorporate video into their social media sharing, creating deeper relationships with customers and driving traffic to your website through their extended networks.

To get your team sharing more video, book a demo to see the SoAmpli platform in action.

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