SoAmpli joins IBM’s global entrepreneurship programme

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SoAmpli has recently been selected to join IBM PartnerWorld – IBM’s global marketing and enablement program. There are more than 140,000 businesses in the programme worldwide, including well established tech companies, such as Prolifics, a 100 million IT consulting and product engineering service corporation. The programme consists of 20% of IBM’s revenue, 30% of their software and over 50% of their system business.

This program is designed to create new market opportunities, help generate new revenue, and better satisfy client requirements for innovative and end-to-end solutions for startups like us. They provide us with the latest in technologies, education and world-class resources to help us grow, accelerate our success and maximize our value to you, our clients.

Other than the wonderful resources and industry insight provided to us, one of the most valuable advantages of being a part of the IBM PartnerWorld is the simple fact that we are backed by an industry giant like IBM. We know people love working with startups, but the fear of the unknown risk is always present. Being an IBM business partner builds people’s confidence in us, and provides huge help in getting through the door with a lot of companies!

What’s more exciting is that our partnership signifies IBM’s recognition of the importance of employee engagement and advocacy. This is in line with our company mission, which is to turn your greatest asset, your employees, into social media advocates. Encourage, measure and amplify co-workers’ social sharing.

We look forward to working with IBM and our fellow programme partners to provide the best support and service to our clients!

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