How to build – and empower – Employee Advocacy programmes in a COVID-19 era

As sectors across the entire globe get to grips with what a ‘new way of working’ now looks like, the Coronavirus outbreak has forced many organisations to rethink their everyday operations.

For many enterprises, maintaining an online voice has been critical as they battle to cut through the vast noise that has resulted in a mass move to working from home. And, for those firms that have been able to tap into their social media and customer comms channels to keep their brand relevant, employees have played a pivotal role throughout.

Whether that’s included producing engaging content via social media, re-evaluating existing messages to suit the current narrative, or continuing critical conversations with online audiences – employees often prove to be crucial when brands need them the most.

For those firms already tapping into the powers of their workforces and that have rolled out successful Employee Advocacy programmes – which empower staff to deliver the messages that ‘stick’ with customers – they’ve realised their people can provide a trusted, positive voice during a true time of crisis.

Encourage brand advocates to provide trusted information

Providing vital information on behalf of their brands – whether that’s how they’re social distancing, what equipment they’re wearing to be safe at work or tips and advice on maintaining productivity while working from home, people within organisations are invaluable.

And as our ‘company vs personal brand’ blog previously states, that doesn’t mean organisations should deactivate their profiles in favour of their employees delivering the messages for them – in fact it’s quite the opposite. What it does lean towards is that businesses should remain focused on what their employee brings to the table.

Empowering a staff member to become a brand advocate who feels valued, listened to and respected as a valuable asset during a time when attempting to cut through the billions of online posts the globe has now become accustomed to.

For the companies that are able to begin their quest towards recovery, now is the time to truly understand the pivotal role in which an employee can play. Whether that’s to promote your product – which provides a remote working solution – or uploading visually striking images to depict a thriving company culture, encourage teams to add their voice in a focused, strategic and engaging way.

Enterprises with a uniformed and interactive approach to online conversion – which still encourages employees to personalise and share posts – can help achieve cut-through when organisations need it the most.

Customers value and trust the opinions of ‘people like them’, and building a dedicated Employee Advocacy programme – that empowers staff to provide vital brand information and online communication – can truly align with the organisation’s vital mission, tone of voice and values.

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