How can social selling generate leads and hires for recruiters?

Whether it’s someone sourcing top talent, or a jobseeker looking for their next role, digital methods of recruitment have provided a vast amount of exciting opportunities – on a global scale.

For many organisations, it’s often no longer about advertising their latest vacancy in the local newspaper. Instead, they prefer to roll out searches on social media and have direct conversations with candidates to gauge both the chemistry and suitability.

And, that is a huge reason as to why social selling is so powerful – and understandable that several recruiters opt for this tactic, in order to drum up quality hires and generate leads. After all, the art of building online connections can lead to 45% more opportunities than non-social peers.

Here are a few more ways this industry can benefit from the strength of a solid digital presence.

Generate meaningful conversations

With a range of options to choose from – such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – social selling can provide a plethora of ways for organisations to communicate. In this sector too, 84% use social media for recruitment purposes.

However, there is still a lot of work for head-hunters to do, in order to uncover a potential hire. The first piece of advice would be not to creep into the ‘hard sell’ territory. Why? Because the last thing a connection wants to read is a direct message telling them why they need a new role. It’s an instant turn-off for many.

It’s about much more than simply building an online community – professionals must drum up authentic relationships and effectively engage.

Another tip for savvy professionals is to understand how each candidate prefers to be contacted. For example, if someone is very active on Instagram and welcomes job-related conversation on there, tailor the messaging and provide the valuable comms to turn a cold prospect into a warm lead.

A personalised approach goes a long way for jobseekers, so it’s crucial to avoid a ‘batch and blast’ attitude – where every message is the same, with little thought behind it. Build that bond and be human in the approach.

Provide valuable content

For many candidates, they want to have as much relevant information to hand as possible – even before applying for a role. Background detail covering what they can expect from a certain industry, the job titles that are vacant, salary expectations and top tips towards getting hired can therefore be absolute gold dust.

The best way to achieve this? Through killer content.

The creation of compelling blogs on subjects that a jobseeker might want more detail on – for example, what to expect in an interview or how to gain the relevant skills for their next role – could prove to be vital.

LinkedIn is often a particularly strong resource for recruiters because they can utilise the 1,300-word ‘status update’ function or post a longer ‘article’.

As well as written content, visual comms can prove to be strong too – so let the creativity flow. How about producing an engaging job role image for Instagram stories? Or an infographic detailing the company culture perks on Twitter? Maybe there’s scope to post a behind-the-scenes Facebook video of the organisation that wants to fill its vacancy? All can be ways recruiters can make their content stand out more.

Another quick tip too – add subtitles for all video-based content because people tend to watch without sound!

Positive word of mouth

A recruiter finding out their assistance has enabled somebody to land their dream role can be a very special thing. After all, they play a vital role in a candidate’s happiness and career hopes, so there’s plenty at stake for both parties.

And the beauty of this is a happy employee is often more likely to tell others about the great experience they’ve had from their agency or consultant. Such an endorsement can be incredibly powerful.

Delving further into this too, friends in the candidate’s extended network will also see the good work that’s taken place – and could encourage them to get in touch or put themselves forward for the next opening. Research has proven that when people see a job appear on a familiar person’s newsfeed, 45% of jobseekers are more likely to apply.

And finally…

Employee Advocacy. Understanding the value of having multiple colleagues sharing pre-written job ads can only widen the net – and can be shared by more than just one recruiter.

Reaching potential employees via staff networks – and utilising the power of scheduling tools, in order to do so – can make things much simpler and could be the catalyst to encourage the right person to apply.

Social selling demands time, authenticity and an all-round experience that’s genuine and compelling. Why? Because people can swiftly tune in as quickly as they do out. It’s for the recruiter to begin – and manage – each personable relationship, so they not only stand out – but generate critical leads which successfully land their dream job.

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