Getting to know… Rory Groves, marketing manager

We’re as renowned for our people as we are for our tech. So, we’ve put a member of our team in the spotlight to learn more about their role, why they’re good at it, and what their advice is for the wider world of marketing…

1. Summarise your role in one paragraph

I work on all the marketing material from a lead generation perspective – that’s then handed over to the sales team for conversion.

2. What’s your favourite part of the job?

I love being creative so it’s great to think outside the box for campaigns and come up with niche ideas to engage potential customers – and show off our brand!

3. Which one word would your colleagues use to describe you?


4. And the word you think best describes SoAmpli?


5. Why do you personally think SoAmpli stands out from competitors?

Its ease-of-use – you can pick it up and be multiplying your engagement in seconds!

6. The phone rings and it’s your dream client… who would it be?

The mighty Tottenham Hotspur!

7. What’s your favourite feature within SoAmpli’s platform?

The leaderboard function is a great way to keep things competitive between your team, as well as awarding a prize to the top poster that week/month.

8. Companies often talk about their company culture, how can SoAmpli help with employee engagement?

SoAmpli lets everyone know what’s going on with the business from all corners – whether it’s a new client that’s signed-up, a corporate responsibility project or an informative piece of content that’s hit the headlines. It’s a fantastic way to keep employees up to date on the latest goings on in their company.

9. What is the biggest challenge facing the social meda industry over the next 12 months?

‘Fake news’. With the amount of fictional information and stories posing as factual adorning social media, it’s getting to a point where people are left struggling about what to believe. It’s becoming more prominent, so users are now constantly relying on social media channels to step-in and filter out falsified articles.

10. And your top social selling hack?

Reward your employees. If you want people to fight for that top place on the leaderboard, give them some incentive to get there! Whether it’s vouchers or an early finish at the end of the week, you’ll find motivation, engagement and social reach will vastly increase when you put a reward in place!

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