Four reasons why charity marketers need a strong social media presence

There’s never been a greater time to be thinking about the impacts the current climate is having on everyone.

And as organisations and individuals across the globe continue to try and make everything ‘business as usual’, there is a huge amount of pressure on charities that desperately need help to weather the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to reports, smaller charities are hugely at risk, as the UK Treasury announced they could apply for loans of up to £1.2 million to help during the crisis.

So, when this sector – that we’re connected with closely in terms of client base – needs critical assistance the most, many can be aiding their cause through carefully considered social media activity. That means understanding what others are going through, and appreciating that not everyone can part with their hard-earned cash, but still being present in a thoughtful and non-provocative way.

Therefore, here are some ways in which marketers can align their messaging so that their charities can battle on throughout uncertain times – and where online activity can play a pivotal role.

  1. Do empathetic

Of course, this isn’t easy in the current climate because everyone is concerned, but by pulling together effective, relatable and timely messaging that’s personable and patient enough, this can help to maintain and build crucial relationships in their time of need.

Putting aside the global pandemic worries – if that’s even possible – charities have always had to ensure people are emotionally invested in their cause. It’s about being responsible, understanding and empathetic in digital comms. Remember individuals are doing their best to keep businesses afloat, employees in work and some form of a contingency plan to survive this crisis.

  1. Do keep donor relationships alive

It’s important for fundraising to continue during crisis, and its never been more needed than at this pivotal moment. There’s no doubt charities have taken a huge hit as events and travel across the world have been cancelled.

But don’t stop communicating with people because they want to understand what’s going on, and there are individuals who can still help in times of adversity. Give them all the information they need – be human.

Ensure online comms are what supporters want to read and maintain a level of engagement that they’re used to. Don’t go cold during times of crisis, keep talking even when things are inexplicably tough.

  1. Do empower employees and volunteers to share vital news

With people trusting people over brands, during a time of need this has never been more pertinent. Employee Advocacy can play a huge role in keeping motivation and morale high, and social channels populated with critical detail.

It’s incredibly difficult at the moment and nobody truly knows what this will all mean to jobs, voluntary work and fundraising, but people connected to the charity must feel like they’re not alone and helpless. Those online heroes need to be valued during a time of crisis.

  1. Don’t create comms that turn donors off

2020 has been a turbulent year and the last thing people want to receive in their inbox is a marketing sales pitch that loosely relates to COVID-19 – and is ultimately something they either can’t afford or is verging on being insensitive.

Charities are struggling, so there are many that are putting emergency funds in place – and this can be something that will help during torrid moments. Comms around this are needed, and they’re understandable.

So, marketers can work on ways to compliment that activity and – instead of using social media in a way that may put recipients off – they should make it a tool that helps to keep engagement and trust high. For example, can regular videos be posted from the charity’s leaders, volunteers and supporters with up-to-date news? Is there a light-hearted way to speak directly to donors via online quizzes or questions?

Now is the time to be creative, trusting and considered in digital comms. Charities are being put into a position where they truly need to get the help from those who can aid organisations through these extremely difficult times. Make marketing a priority to keep those conversations alive – in the right way.

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