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Twitter & LinkedIn: The Perfect Social Selling Match

When harnessed properly, Social media is a salesperson’s best friend   There is one thing that social media is absolutely brilliant for: Identifying and developing sales leads, by helping you: 🚀 Better understand your prospects’ and clients’ challenges 🚀 Offer content, services or products when your prospects really need them When thinking about using social

The 3 Golden Rules of LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn recently joined the social media big league with a revamped newsfeed and some exciting new features (including, most recently, the ability to upload native videos onto the platform), giving salespeople even more opportunities to connect with prospects and clients. This new found maturity means it is more similar to other social media networks we’ve grown to know and

Eye-opening stats about Social Selling [Infographic]

Until not too long ago, the idea that conversations on social media could have a real impact on companies’ revenues was not exactly mainstream. It’s only in recent years that the perception has started shifting, mainly as a consequence of the rise of technologies that help track how conversations with prospects start, develop and turn into