From staff engagement to the power of communications – social media and marketing professionals all over the globe have seen their job roles evolve and diversify in a world that is witnessing more online noise than ever before.

If you’re like us, you’ll love seeing the positive influence that a well-crafted post can make when it comes to engaging customers and prospects to find out a little more about your brand.

That’s why we’re taking the opportunity to delve a little deeper into our newsfeeds to find out who are the ‘brand champions’ that we think have nailed their digital employee advocacy strategy online. We’ve narrowed it down to these three businesses below…

1. Wiser

As an award-winning creative/recruitment company – that’s all about culture and performance – we love seeing what the team at Wiser is up to next. The group’s mission? “To change the way people think about work”, and that’s apparent throughout a vibrant Instagram feed that’s all about changing perceptions, promoting positivity and empowering employee voices.

As well as encouraging staff members to take over the brand’s socials, we love how Wiser provides thought leadership advice to its followers in a creative way, supports events that have societal impact and live and breathe company values throughout every post.

2. Social Chain

If you’re not following Katy Leeson, the managing director from Social Chain, make this one thing you take away from our blog (at least!) She produces a range of accessible online content that tackles subjects from imposter syndrome to isolation and encourages colleagues to do the same.

Although, if we’re honest, we’re pretty sure Katy will be the first to say this brand isn’t about her. In fact it’s the opposite, at the Manchester-headquartered global social-first marketing agency. As well as having a director of happiness role, an indoor jungle and eight studios to create engaging comms, we love how the company – set up by Steven Bartlett and Dom McGregor in 2014 – has continued to build a thriving culture from a team of four to over 250 employees based all over the world.

3. Johnson & Johnson

Learning and development is key to retaining, motivating and upskilling staff, and that’s what we admire from this leading medical device brand. The team has been involved in supporting the Covid-19 vaccine roll out – which is impressive in itself – but for this list, it’s more about how the organisation’s employees speak about the enterprise.

Talking about the company’s “strong ethics” and training-focused opportunities are imperative if a culture is to survive and thrive. And it’s this kind of stuff we like to read about when it comes to competing in a saturated marketplace – with staff at the heart of its success.

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