Three social media hacks you need to use everyday

For many employees, the art of saving time is often a difficult task to master – especially if their job revolves around the ever-changing world of online.

Keeping on top of social media networks, drafting digital comms and ensuring the messaging lands perfectly, are all key factors for brands to ensure they’re getting right every single day.

And making sure an organisation’s company profiles are on-point can not only be a pivotal way of delivering brilliantly timed and beautifully crafted content, but act as a critical lead generator for a team’s marketing and sales departments to take hold of.

So, while time is often at a premium for many social media managers and marketing professionals, there are ways to maximise the hours spent online. And here are three pointers to get started…

1. Tap into the importance of employees

For those working alongside colleagues, now is the opportunity to harness their powers! Previously this blog has gone into detail about how people buy from people, and often trust relatable sources over big brands when looking into purchasing their products or services.

If a fellow employee is saying something that has perfectly positioned the brand’s values and delivers on key messaging, then it’s well worth supporting, using their own words. And, better still, if that content can be placed onto a social media sharing platform, every user has the chance to hit the ‘share’ button.

2. Keep on top of trends

Regardless of the medium, this is critical as it shows that an organisation understands its customers’ needs – and is reacting to them.

A daily check-in can prove to be pivotal for brands to join in online conversations, build content on the back of a trending topic and ensure they’re delivering value that can help and support its audience.

Every social media channel has a way of viewing key subjects, hashtags and tapping into search options, and now is the time to use them. Our advice would be for enterprises to ensure they’re knowledgeable about the topic before commenting, and if a social media sharing platform is being used, check if the site shows trending topics that are shareable.

3. Analyse

It’s always important to understand what’s working on social media – and what isn’t.

And, it’s also vital to understand that if a post fails to generate engagement, it’s not always a bad thing! Yes, it’s time spent for little to no ROI, but it shows that content maybe wasn’t right for the audience, or not delivered at the critical times.

Use this information as the basis of a social schedule and strategy. See where people are commenting most – is it a particular subject or a visual element? Whatever it is, keep evolving that content so the brand continues to answer customers’ queries and provide the online value they need.

The amount of clicks, shares and reach are all good metrics to consider – and check every day, even if it’s for 10 minutes at a time – alongside interaction, when building an effective social media strategy.

There are many ways to keep generating key leads, promote products and services and underline company culture via social media, focus time in the day to build on that content, and work on how to improve by listening to customers – and being their go-to brand online.

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