The 5 types of content people in Fashion Retail love to share on social media.

In our  five types of content employees love to share on social media, we identified the five categories of company-related content that resonate best with employees on social media.

Since the article tickled the interest of a large amount of readers, we had an idea. Why not turning it into a blog series, where we could show more examples of the same kinds of content? That’s how the present blog series was created.

In each installment, we’ll provide examples of employees’ sharing habits for each type of content, divided by industry.

To kickstart our series, we focus on FASHION RETAIL. The retail workforce is usually a very trend-loving, digitally savvy bunch, really attentive about what’s happening within their company and industry, both online and off line.

1. Notable experiences

In a way, that’s the whole reason why social media were invented; people want the world to know about their life and their thoughts, they want to let others in with what happens to them. For most of us, work is such a great part of life that it only makes sense to share stories from it with our online circles.

And when it comes to working in retail, there is no lack of exciting experiences worth a social media share. Whether it’s a business trip to an unusual country or a participation in some important event sponsored by the company, people love to share original content that will reflect their interesting and unique adventures. 

A New Look employee shares her excitement about an upcoming trip to China on Facebook and Instagram.

Schermata 2015-04-15 alle 14.19.36

A John Lewis employee tweets of a photo taken during a Startup Speed-dating event

A House of Fraser employee retweets a post about the company’s involvement at the BAFTA awards

House of Fraser 4


2. Expertise and achievements

 Let’s be honest – there are few things more enjoyable than looking good for something we are really great at. That’s why we all can’t resist to inform our connections about important achievements reached thanks to our expertise and unique skills. 

When working in retail, this can mean a lot of different things. For instance, it can mean expressing satisfaction about an article written for the company’s blog, excitement for winning an industry award or support for the launch of a new line you’ve been working hard on.

A New Look writer shares on Facebook her excitement about her first blogpost created for the company’s website Schermata 2015-04-15 alle 15.18.48

A House of Fraser Employee retweets exciting news about a new brandHouse of Fraser 2

An employee shares a photo on Instagram to celebrate her company winning the High Street of the Year Award

Schermata 2015-04-15 alle 14.28.54  

3. Fun occasions worth celebrating

Sharing fun memories gathered on special work occasions comes only natural to employees, especially when working in a sparkling environment  like the retail one. This state of things creates incredible opportunities of social reach for companies.

The fun employees have and share online can even extend itself to the emotion of the customer, who will see happy employees with high morale creating engaging content. Seeing the “faces behind the name” really helps create a connection with the brand.

A New Look employee retweets a group photo taken during a company’s Thanksgiving Lunch

Schermata 2015-04-15 alle 15.09.13


 An Office employee attends the Henley Regatta in her new Office shoes

Office 2 

A New Look employee retweets the promotion of Wireless Festival, sponsored by her company

Schermata 2015-04-15 alle 15.29.28


4. Feel-good news

Yes, the world can be a scary place, but most people don’t like to be reminded of it on social media. The same principle applies to employees sharing habits.

If the company receives good feedback from a customer or sponsors some charitable event – as it is often the case when it comes to retail companies, most people will be happy to spread the good news. 

A John Lewis employee retweets a newspaper’s article to celebrate her company’s 150th birthday

Schermata 2015-04-15 alle 15.12.17  

A Topshop employee retweets a positive comment from a satisfied customer

Schermata 2015-04-15 alle 15.41.52  

5. Promotions and competitions their connections can benefit from

Few things can put a smile on your friends’ face faster than a freebie-grabbing occasion. And if that happens with clothes or accessories, well, even better!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most people are truly keen to share any promotion or special contest put out by their company, if they think their online contacts can benefit from it in any way. In the end, it’s all about helping friends.  

An employee at Liberty London spreads the word about a new competition 

A Topshop employee tweets about a special promotion from her brand to her followers during London Fashion Week

An employee retweets an official weekly promotion from New Look Men official channel

Schermata 2015-04-15 alle 15.34.33

An employee from Office shares and snippet from their latest promotional campaign

Office 3


Extracts of this blogpost were originally published on Econsultancy.

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