How to Speed Up Lead Generation In 2018

Your sales team should be focusing their time on nurturing current prospects to close the sale. However, a crucial component to consistent sales in your business is to always be thinking about the next one as well. Otherwise, every time a sales representative closes a deal, they need to start chasing down a new customer from scratch.

That is unless you have an effective lead generation strategy for your sales team.

Generating Leads for Your Business

Effective lead generation, attracting and warming up potential customers, ensures that you always have a queue of interested prospects for your sales team to talk to.

Without it, your team will always be chasing the next lead. That’s when you have to resort to impersonal cold calling and other tactics that customers are growing more and more sceptical of.

But with lead gen consistently bringing in new interested prospects, they will already be interested in and educated about your products and services by the time they talk to a rep. This can increase your conversion rates and speed with which you close sales.

And when it comes to lead generation right now, social media is one of the most successful places to go.

Using Social Media for Lead Generation

Because both you and your customers are already on social media, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, which provides the perfect platform for you to meet and engage with new leads.

By using it consistently and strategically, your team can put themselves in front of your business’s target audience, connect with interested leads, and keep them warmed up. Because of the public nature of social media, you can talk to and influence an entire audience at one time, versus one-on-one cold calls or emails.

At the heart of sales is conversations, and this is true for social media lead gen as well. To succeed, you simply need to start conversations, and you can do this by sharing content and telling stories.

This is an amazing opportunity. However, without the right tools, it can also be time-consuming and challenging.

In order to use social media for lead generation, you need to spend time building your network on different sites, curating and creating content to post, and engaging and connecting with other people.

If that doesn’t come naturally, tools like social media automation and curation allow your whole team to easily start conversations. They allow marketers and those most qualified to create social media content to do so, while salespeople can still share timely and relevant content to start conversations and generate leads.

This efficient and automated process makes it easy for your whole sales team to generate more leads and close them faster. At SoAmpli, this reduced the sales cycle by two full months in 2017.

B2B sales can feel like an endless cycle, but by using social media to generate leads, you can improve your whole team’s success.

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