The 7 Best Types of Video Content to Generate Leads on Social Media

Today’s B2B marketing departments are creating more video content than ever before – and with good reason. Video content attracts more organic traffic from search engines and keeps them on your website longer. In fact, nearly 60% of executives will choose video over text content if shown both. No wonder so many B2B companies are using video in their content marketing strategy (over 70% of them).

Let’s take a look at the kind of video that works best for B2B marketing strategies, capturing attention, building authority, and developing leads.


7 types of videos that drive lead generation


1. Micro-video

Super short, micro-videos are being used more effectively for today’s fast-paced audiences. They help your audience get a better understanding of your business and what it has to offer. Companies are using micro-videos for lead generation, traffic generation, and sales generation with great success. And with the length of the B2B sales cycle, micro-videos can be a critical part of the relationship building needed for this and are easy to share on social media.

2. Product demonstration video

Once you’ve got your audience’s attention, it’s time to demonstrate how and why you stand out in the marketplace. Product demonstration videos help you showcase the value you bring customers in a powerful way. Combining both audio and visuals engage your audience in a memorable way.

3. Employee showcase video

Behind-the-scenes videos that show off your happy employees and your office culture always send a good message to potential customers. They allow you to further connect with your leads and prospects in a unique way, outside of the usual sales messages. Featuring actual employees in these videos increases the reach of your videos because they’re more likely to share them with their own network, letting you take advantage of employee advocacy while you generate more leads for your company.

4. Customer testimonial video

Reviews and testimonials are a big part of our personal lives online, and it’s no different in our professional lives. Companies that hop on this digital marketing trend and publish customer testimonial videos are harnessing a persuasive way to showcase their social proof. A customer testimonial lets people hear from others “just like us”. They do a lot of grunt work sales teams do in convincing leads to move further along the buying cycle, which frees them up to concentrate on other activities.

5. Customer success story video

A video success story visually demonstrates how your company can help other companies just like them. Nearly 73% of B2B companies use success stories in their marketing, with nearly just as many producing videos of some sort to use in marketing and sales. Why not combine the two and produce customer success story videos? They give a more in-depth view of the value you offer your audience, giving leads and prospects more points of comparison.

6. Thought leadership video

Thought leadership is one of the top 5 reasons companies make videos so they can communicate the unique knowledge and expertise of their company to their audience. The most valuable and impactful thought leadership videos take a bold stance and challenge the status quo in your industry.

7. Teaser video

Unlike a micro-video, a teaser video is simply an introduction to a longer form video. It lets you explain the video’s value to the audience without showing them the entire thing. Your audience still gets something of value out of the video, and you’re helping them manage their time better by letting them decide when to watch the whole thing.


Take advantage of these different video content types for an easy way to generate leads, add value to your content, and sell more on social media. Your time and effort will be rewarded when you start sharing these videos with your leads, helping you create a deeper relationship with your potential customers.

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