SoAmpli Adds IBM to List of Accolades

IBM SmartCamp London Maz Nadjm

SoAmpli was shortlisted for the IBM Smartcamp prize as part of IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Programme earlier this year. The IBM initiative is aimed at giving start-up entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch to industry experts, increasing exposure and offering the chance for top quality mentoring. The winner then competes regionally for the accolade of IBM Entrepreneur of the Year. The sold-out event took place at Level39, one of the largest accelerator spaces for technology start-ups and was the perfect opportunity for those in attendance to create professional relationships with seasoned entrepreneurs and investors.


SoAmpli’s founder Maz was excited to have the opportunity to pitch with IBM, as he thought of the company as a perfect backer for SoAmpli. He said of the SmartCamp event, “The fact that we got accepted as one of the top five finalists was brilliant. It’s the right type of partnership and the fact that IBM can bring so many good people into one room is a fantastic platform for us.” Watch the complete video below – Maz makes an appearance at 1 minute and 44 seconds in:

SoAmpli can attribute its progression to SmartCamp finalist within the IBM competition to an innovative premise and insightful interface. With the world in love with social media in such a poignant and powerful way, creating a platform through which employees can enhance their company’s brand and reach in real time with measurable results puts SoAmpli at the forefront of entrepreneurship in the corporate arena.

The IBM Global Entrepreneur Programme has forged professional relationships with over 2,000 start-ups, making it an ecosystem of business pacesetters which include SoAmpli. Our nomination solidifies SoAmpli not only as an innovative and exciting start-up, but also creates a buzz about employee advocacy and how the future of business-based social media could be changing for the better.

Since the competition, SoAmpli has also been awarded the Shoreditch Works prize at SmartCamp London as announced by James Governor. The startup was winner of a desk in co-working space, and free event in the employee advocacy space.

SoAmpli turns sales teams into social selling stars, increasing sales and powering brands. Sounds interesting? Let’s have a chat: