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Instagram 2

So much has changed since Instagram first launched back in October 2010. Less than 5 years in, and the photo sharing app has now reached the incredible milestone of 300 million monthly users.

No day goes by without running into an article or study showcasing the potential of the app for brands and businesses of all sectors. This so-called Instagram phase 2.0 focuses on the incredible engagement rate of content shared on the network, with an average of 37 likes + comments per post.

The reason for Instagram’s outstanding engagement rate is its immediacy. People can’t get enough of  beautiful images that tell a compelling story, and like to show their appreciation for them.

After individuals, brands have taken notice of the trend, exploring the power of visual storytelling. On Instagram, companies have found a new meeting place to communicate with their fan base, inviting them to see what’s happening on and behind the scenes. As a result, 32% of all Instagram users follow at least 5 brands accounts*. Whether it’s a snapshot of a fun office outing, an image from the brand’s latest online campaign or a photo portraying a typical day at the office,  there is so much that can be told with a little squared pic.

At SoAmpli, we want to be part of this fast-evolving conversation. That’s why we launched our new mobile app, now supporting the Instagram integration. On your iPhone & iPad, you can connect your Instagram profile – company or personal, it’s your choice! – to browse, edit and share images with a click of a button.

Amplifying online campaigns while showcasing the company’s culture has never been easier. If you want to learn more, get in touch at to set up a demo.

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