10 blogs that make a digital marketer’s life easier

10 blogposts

One of the hardest challenges digital marketers face every day is time management, in particular when it comes to research.

Staying on top of all major trends and industry news is essential, but how many hours should actually be dedicated to it every day? Because, let’s face it, with the incredible amount of content that is created and distributed online every day, you can never get through it all. However there is a very easy and quick solution: finding some good, reliable blogs to bookmark in your browser and check every morning, before getting on with your daily tasks.

Here’s a round up of our favourites:

Industry blogs

1. Econsultancy


A ‘Must see’ blog, Econsultancy focuses specifically on digital marketing and ecommerce insight, with plenty of new articles published every day. Their Daily Pulse newsletter brings everything you need to know directly to your inbox.


2. Social Media Examiner


When speaking of digital marketing, a good part of it is our dear social media. Social Media Examiner is perfect for sourcing actionable and detailed tips to develop your social media presence, as well as following new updates and innovations.


3. Social Media Today 


Social Media Today is great to get a diversified glimpse at what’s happening in the Social Media Marketing world. It also provides users with access to interactive webinars, perfect to engage those who want to learn about a particular topic in a live online forum session.


4. Content Marketing Institute


Over the last few years, the Content Marketing Institute website has established itself as the go-to online place for all things content marketing. Mixing articles, how-to guides & longer white papers, the website has a “per topic” structure that makes if really easy to navigate, helping you find exactly what you are looking for in no time.


5. The Marketer 


If you are after a good mix of analysis of marketing trends, opinion and practical guides to various methods, check out The Marketer. Powered by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Marketer can help keep you posted on all the tips you need.


Personal blogs

1. Jeff Bullas 

Jeff Bullas

Jeff is a social media marketing blogger with a host of experience in digital strategy. His mission is to help businesses stand out in the online crowd and assist them in “getting found” on the web, whatever their industry or size.


2. Neil Patel 


Having worked with companies such as General Motors, Yahoo and Microsoft, Neil Patel has established himself as one of the authorities in social media for business. He’s got a lot of useful tips to share on generating leads through content marketing, boosting social engagement and maximizing click-throughs.


3. Neal Schaffer 

neal schaffer

A Forbes top 50 social media influencer, Neal specialises in social media marketing best practices. His resource blog, Maximise Social Business, provides plenty of advice on how to leverage different social media networks to “cultivate relationships, foster brand awareness, discover new communities, engage with stakeholders, increase sales, and even recruit new talent”.


4. Ann Handley 

ann handley

Ann Handley is the Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs and has been recognised by Forbes as the most influential woman in social media. She shares her tips regularly in Entrepreneur magazine, her own books and on Linkedin but make sure to follow her blogs to catch up on her freshest content.


5. Kim Garst

kim garst

Kim has owned an online business for over 20 years and has built her reputation as a leading authority on digital marketing. She has written for several publications and speaks and advises on social selling. Her blog focuses on a variety of topics, from social selling to digital advertising, from live streaming apps to design.


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