Doing social ON THE GO has never been this easy: Introducing the new SoAmpli for iOS

At SoAmpli, we understand that taking care of your personal brand on social media doesnt always have allocated time in your schedule. Between that urgent email to send, and that presentation to get ready for, making time to post or schedule updates for our multiple social channels can easily fall at the bottom of the list. But an active social media presence helps you raise your influence online, expand your network to include more prospects, clients, industry experts and colleagues, and, ultimately, create opportunities for your career and your business objectives.

This is why we are so excited to announce the release of our new SoAmpli iOS app, which will help you increase your social media activity by at least 200% with as little as 10 minutes per week spent on the app.

Our new release makes a number of key features of our desktop app available also on the mobile version, including the ability to:

  • Use your automated queue even on the go, scheduling your all social media activity for the week in just a few minutes, wherever you are

  • Schedule posts for a specific date and time, to all your social channels, in a matter of seconds and from just one app

  • Instantly import articles you are reading to SoAmpli with a dedicated ‘Share to’ button, making sharing news with all your team easier than ever

This new iteration of the SoAmpli Mobile App marks a new frontier in the overall user experience for both sharing and importing content when you’re on the go. The world of social media is exciting and fast-paced, and the mechanical act of importing your best stories to your company’s dashboard should not be what you spend time on.

Further enhancements include:

  • Ability to resize and crop images on Instagram when sharing from the app, to make sure every photo you publish is exactly what you need it to be
  • Quick access to your companys trending posts, to help you find and share in seconds content that has already proved popular for your colleagues

You can download the mobile app NOW from the iTunes store.

If you’d like to know more about how SoAmpli can help you build your presence on social media through social selling, please get in touch!

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